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Nick Earls

Writer, wok master, mansplainer

Nick Earls writes long, short and medium-sized fiction, including 13 novels and numerous shorter works, as well as works for children. His novels have won awards in the UK and Australia, and appeared on bestseller lists in both those countries and the Amazon Kindle Store. Two have been adapted into feature films and five into stage plays. His novella series, Wisdom Tree, is published by Inkerman & Blunt and will be released one novella at a time, on the first of every month from May to September 2016. 
What's With Our Unquenchable Thirst For Bottled Getty Creative

What's With Our Unquenchable Thirst For Bottled Water?

Now, don't go thinking I don't drink water. That I'm a wizened desiccated husk peeing kidney stones, bitter that I didn't invest in water futures long ago. I do drink water, but I don't count it as I go because life's way too short and I don't panic if my mouth is momentarily dry.
03/06/2016 5:41 AM AEST