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There’s So Much More To Moana Hope’s Extraordinary Story Than Footy

Moana Hope is no ordinary athlete. At 29 years old, she works and trains for an astonishing 20 hours each day. That arduous schedule includes holding the position of marquee player for Collingwood FC in the AFL Women's competition, running her own traffic management business and acting as the primary carer for her younger sister. Livinia 'Vinnie' Hope was born with Moebius Syndrome.
20/05/2017 1:55 AM AEST

We challenged F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo to a ping pong match (and won)

If you search Google for images of Daniel Ricciardo, you get endless pics of the 27-year-old Australian Red Bull Formula One ace smiling. Seems like he's always in the best mood. But what's he really like in person? Here at the Huffington Post Australia, we thought we'd take him out of his comfort zone to find out. Our weapon of choice? A ping pong table. Interview by Anthony Sharwood. Video by Tom Compagnoni.
23/03/2017 3:00 AM AEDT

Some Common And Not So Common STDs

Like many great things in life, sex has a not-so-glamorous side. Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) are the uncomfortable (and sometimes painful and ugly) side effect of getting your freak on.
23/02/2017 4:19 AM AEDT

Poppy Starr Is A 16-Year-Old Skateboarding Champion

At age 16, Poppy Starr has already won a world championship title on the international skateboarding stage. As she prepares for another Bowl-A-Rama tournament, this time at her home turf in the Bondi Bowl, Poppy speaks with HuffPost Australia about her career so far.
17/02/2017 4:07 AM AEDT

Dying To Be A Model: The Torment Of An Eating Disorder

If there was anytime in Sophia Rambaldini's modelling career where she ought to have thought enough was enough, it could have been when the runway bookers told her she was looking great, when she knew she was starving herself. But anytime Sophia's body or mind warned her she was going too far, it was merely validation for the young model who was in the grips of an eating disorder perpetuated by a job that was only serving to kill her. Video by Emily Verdouw.
07/11/2016 4:25 AM AEDT

Grilling The Perfect Steak

There are a lot of theories about how to cook a steak. Of course, they vary in terms of cut, utensils and cooking methods, but some questions are applicable across all categories. To season before or after, if at all? Mustard or no? How hot should the pan/hot plate/grill be? The Meat & Wine Co in Circular Quay, Sydney - show u how it's done. Shot and edited by Tom Compagnoni.
23/01/2016 4:36 AM AEDT