The Ugly Business Of Defending Free Speech In 2017

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. ― From the outside, the Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression looks like the idyllic Southern home you never had. Located on a grassy hill, the white build...
22/11/2017 12:39 AM AEDT
WASHINGTON, DC - SEPTEMBER 28: A detail from artist Barbara Kruger's 'The future belongs to those who can see it' at National Gallery of Art on September 28, 2016 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Shannon Finney/Getty Images)

Women Are Speaking Out Against Sexual Harassment In The Art World

"Abuse of power comes as no surprise." The phrase, one of conceptual artist Jenny Holzer's "Truisms," has become a rallying cry for members of the art world who are speaking out against a culture that...
01/11/2017 12:30 AM AEDT

The Predatory Men Who Hide Behind 'Art'

Terry Richardson, a fashion photographer who has been accused of sexually assaulting multiple women over the last decade, was finally blacklisted by publishing company Condé Nast International,...
29/10/2017 8:24 PM AEDT
Leonardo Da Vinci (1452-1519), Italian School. Nude Woman. Study for the Mona Lisa. Pencil on brown paper, 0.72 x 0.54 m. Chantilly, musee Conde. (Photo by: Christophel Fine Art/UIG via Getty Images)

Experts Believe Leonardo Da Vinci Traced The 'Mona Lisa' From This Nude Drawing

Over the past month, scientists at the Louvre have been carefully examining a 16th-century charcoal drawing of a nude woman known as "Monna Vanna," long attributed to the studio of Leonardo da Vinci....
30/09/2017 10:40 AM AEST

Artist Draws The Plight Of The Introverted Partygoer

What is your party personality? Upon entering a social gathering, do you quickly find yourself surrounded by adoring fans as you fall into a story about your hilariously bad work week? Or do you immed...
16/08/2017 11:21 PM AEST