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Psychologist // Creator of 'Digital Nutrition'

Psychologist & creator of Digital Nutrition

Jocelyn is a registered psychologist from Sydney with a special interest in the psychology of technology. She has over 12 years experience in public education as both a high school teacher and school counsellor. In 2013, Jocelyn created Digital Nutrition - a framework for thinking about how we can proactively design a relationship with technology that is mindful and considered. Her TEDx talk on Digital Nutrition and the quest to discover 'digital superfoods' from May 2015 can be viewed here. You can follow Jocelyn and Digital Nutrition on Twitter. More information //
Reality Bytes For Opponents Of Digital

Reality Bytes For Opponents Of Digital Parenting

We can choose to continue to place blame on the very devices we provide to young people in our effort to 'keep up with the iPhoneses', or proactively design the kind of digital world that supports our happiness and wellbeing.
08/10/2015 5:33 AM AEDT