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Renee Slansky

Relationship and dating expert, blogger, writer and TV presenter

Since being launched into the spotlight in 2007 as the international winner of Miss Inside Sport, Renee has gone on to become a familiar face in the industry. Her national and international modelling career has seen her grace many mainstream magazine front covers, billboards and popular brands.

Becoming a national finalist for Miss Universe Australia in 2009 propelled Renee into the public eye as a role model for young women and guest at many social and media events.

During this period Renee began developing her accomplished TV presenting career which saw her host a variety of shows including Foxtel’s extreme sports channel –Fuel TV for 3 years. In 2008 she co-hosted Newton’s Playground, an international event for extreme sports.

Other presenting credits include TVSN,"Need for Speed” a half hour show that was produced by Freemantle media and aired prime time on ONE HD, segments for channel 9 and 10’s morning show, as well as many other corporate and commercial product infomercials and commercials. Most recently Renee finished filming the first comeback season of channel 7’s The Price Is Right as one of the two female models alongside Larry Emdur. As well as this Renee has just been filmed as the face and presenter of Myer’s brand new fashion TV show which was just shortly after she presented for Channel 10 for the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week .

Renee also focuses on her writing career and the launch of her own successful blog has allowed her to become an international professional relationship and dating blogger. She continues to contribute to publications and websites worldwide including Australia’s largest online dating stie and was most recently asked to be the tv presenter for several online teaching courses for relationships.

As a female mentor for, Renee continues to have an impact globally on women encouraging them to shine through any situation and build the life and relationship they deserve.

Her vibrant personality and warm nature allows her energy to transcend through different media channels, whilst her quick wit and creative thinking captures audiences of all demographics.
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