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Sam Gledhill

Testicular Cancer Program Manager at the Movember Foundation

A qualified Nuclear Medicine Technologist, Sam spent more than a decade treating and diagnosing patients with a variety of clinical problems, including cancer. In the early part of his clinical career, he undertook to complete a Masters degree in Medical Statistics and subsequently spent several years working on a number of research projects within an Anaesthetics department of a major public hospital. The lure of clinical imaging was too strong and he was recruited to run a private-patient imaging lab for a number of years before the opportunity to work with the Movember Foundation presented itself. <br> As a project manager at the Movember Foundation, Sam is responsible for the delivery of several globally collaborative research projects in Prostate Cancer Imaging, Testicular Cancer Translational Research and Support Projects for men facing and experiencing the Testicular Cancer journey. Sam is studying his last subject to graduate with an MBA, which will no doubt support his responsibility for overseeing all Testicular Cancer investments that are made by the Foundation.