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Shevonne Hunt

Presenter of Kinderling Conversation, radio producer and presenter

Shevonne Hunt is the presenter of daily parenting show Kinderling Conversation on Kinderling Kids Radio. Shevonne has worked in radio for nine years, producing and presenting current affairs, radio features and lifestyle segments in community radio and at the ABC.
It's Okay To Take Baby Steps When It Comes To Kids'

It's Okay To Take Baby Steps When It Comes To Kids' Nutrition

I wanted to make the change but it all felt a bit hard. Fast food can be cheaper and easier, even though it's not the healthiest choice. We weren't eating junk food, so I felt the current way we were living was okay and maybe not so bad in the long run?
23/09/2016 5:30 AM AEST
Judgement Is Clouding Our Parental

Judgement Is Clouding Our Parental Instinct

From the moment you fall pregnant the judgment starts. What you eat, drink, whether you exercise or not, if you're overweight or too skinny. The most judgment seems to come around the manner in which you had your baby (caesarean or vaginal, with drugs or without) or whether you breastfed or not. But it doesn't stop there...
28/07/2016 4:47 PM AEST