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Shirley Chowdhary

Sydney-based Lawyer, Mum and advocate for gender diversity

Shirley Chowdhary is a Sydney-based lawyer and advocate for gender diversity in the workplace. Her career has taken her from a New York law firm and a US global bank in Japan to leading teams of volunteers and writing a biography for a WW2 Prisoner-of-War. She works as a lawyer in Sydney and is raising three children with her husband of 21 years.

Shirley is the recipient of a 2015 Cultural Diversity Scholarship jointly funded by the Australian Government and the Australian Institute of Company Directors. The scholarship is aimed at supporting an increased representation of women on Australian boards and fostering emerging female talent.
Addressing Cultural

Addressing Cultural Diversity

The research is now unequivocal. Diversity of all kinds (but not too much) -- of gender, culture, age and experience -- creates better leadership, better company boards, a more creative and more produ...
11/06/2016 2:31 PM AEST
Male Parental Leave -- The Game Alamy

Male Parental Leave -- The Game Changer

Until we remove the stigma that comes with the biological fact that women carry the children and give birth, we aren't going to have a level playing field. Men should be encouraged to take time away from their careers to share the privilege of being with their children in those precious first few years of life. In return, their partners could return to the workforce earlier, or at least have the choice to do so.
26/11/2015 1:04 PM AEDT