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Skye Swaney

Dietitian and Nutritionist

Skye Swaney is a dietitian, nutritionist and the founder of Shift Nutrition. She is passionate about cutting through the ever increasing confusion about nutrition and helping people to understand how to eat well. <br> <br> Skye runs a Sydney based clinic and when she's not talking about food and nutrition or writing about it, she can usually be found cooking, eating or dreaming about her next holiday destination. <br> <br> Check out her website or follow Shift Nutrition on Facebook or Instagram @shiftnutrition
5 Things You Don't Need To Be

5 Things You Don't Need To Be Healthy

Unless you’re replacing your morning coffee with kale juice, dragging yourself out of bed at 5am for another punishing workout and spending your entire Sunday afternoon preparing food for the week, these days it can feel like you’re just not trying hard enough to be healthy. But that's not the case...
22/07/2016 12:56 PM AEST
How To Create A

How To Create A Superfood

Want to know the secret to developing the next billion dollar 'superfood'? Here's the age old, proven method as demonstrated by an unlikely marketing genius.
08/06/2016 5:42 AM AEST
Five Reasons Not To Quit

Five Reasons Not To Quit Sugar

Swearing off sugar has become almost a religion in the last few years, as sugar has started copping the blame for everything from obesity to autoimmune disease. There's no doubt that, in general, we're eating (and drinking) far too much sugar. But is demonising sugar really necessary?
24/03/2016 5:28 AM AEDT
What Happens To Your Body On A Juice

What Happens To Your Body On A Juice Cleanse

Juice cleanses or detoxes appear to offer a perfect solution; in the prescribed three to seven days you can supposedly lose weight and do a total 180 in terms of your health -- who wouldn't sign up for that? Except, unfortunately, that's not what really happens...
04/03/2016 5:40 AM AEDT
The 6 Most Common Nutrition

The 6 Most Common Nutrition Myths

I spend a lot of time debunking nutrition myths, which range from the partly true to the completely ridiculous. While some of these can admittedly be entertaining, it's also frustrating that so many people are given inaccurate nutrition information that they believe, and even follow, for years to come.
16/02/2016 10:25 AM AEDT