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Sol Bellear

Chairman of the Aboriginal Medical Service Redfern, Australia's largest community-controlled health service

Sol Bellear is the Chairman of the Redfern Aboriginal Medical Service, Australia's largest community-controlled health service. AMS Redfern was established in 1971, and was the first health service of its type in the world. <br> <br> Sol has been a lifetime Aboriginal activist and has travelled the world extensively in relation to Indigenous justice issues, including a delegation to the United States Pan African Congress in the 1970s. <br> <br> Sol has served as Deputy Chairman of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission, and currently advises the NSW Aboriginal Land Council on strategic issues.
It's 'Pay Back' Time For Adam

It's 'Pay Back' Time For Adam Goodes

Goodes knew that in a nation like Australia, standing up against racism would be 'controversial', and he's been paying for it ever since. That says quite a bit about where we are as a nation. We have quite a way to go.
21/09/2015 9:56 AM AEST
You're Never Going To Stop Us Raising Uncomfortable

You're Never Going To Stop Us Raising Uncomfortable Truths

You're never going to stop Aboriginal people from advocating passionately for a better deal. And as more and more of us achieve on the national and international stage, you can expect more and more uncomfortable truths to be raised
08/09/2015 9:33 AM AEST