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Sophia Hatzis

Law/Communications student and blogger at The Beauty Breakdown

Sophia is a Law/Communications student at UTS who runs a blog called <a href="" rel="nofollow">The Beauty Breakdown</a> which documents her experience with mental illness and her struggles with body image.
I Can't Get Anything Right. After All, I Am A

I Can't Get Anything Right. After All, I Am A Woman

I can’t get anything right because when I wear make-up I’m hiding my true self. I’m lying. Men like women who wear less make-up, they say. But if I don’t wear makeup, I look tired. Did you sleep okay last night?
18/08/2016 9:52 AM AEST
My Best Friend Saved My

My Best Friend Saved My Life

Last year was hard and some days, if I'm being honest, I still struggle. There were days where I felt like chucking in the towel. Recovery felt too hard. It was too different from what I was used to. If there is one thing I can pinpoint that prevented me from giving up, it was the example set by my best friend.
10/03/2016 5:33 AM AEDT
I Wrote A Letter To My

I Wrote A Letter To My Body

I'm sorry for all the years that I punished you. I'm sorry that, five years ago, I looked in the mirror and wanted to change you. You hadn't even finished developing yet. I didn't give you the chance to grow and flourish on your own. I intervened. In the worst possible way.
26/02/2016 11:19 AM AEDT