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Sophie Gallagher

Life writer, HuffPost UK

Sophie Gallagher is a life writer at HuffPost UK

AI Can Detect Bowel Cancer In Less Than A Second

Artificial intelligence has been used to brew better beer, write music, and read your imagination, but now it is being used by Japanese scientists to detect bowel cancer. It is already improving the a...
31/10/2017 12:19 AM AEDT

Ketamine Could Actually Help Treat Migraines

Standard treatment for migraines normally relies on ibuprofen, lying in a dark room, and waiting for the nausea to pass. But now patients could potentially be given a dose of ketamine after a 75% succ...
23/10/2017 10:57 PM AEDT

7 Reasons Why Menopausal Hot Flushes Are No Joke

Ever find yourself feeling hot and flustered and described it as having a hot flush? Although many people joke about this symptom, for 80% of women who experience side effects during the menopause, th...
18/10/2017 11:54 PM AEDT