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Steve Williams

Writer. Kitten wrangler

Steve Williams is an observer. He wrote his first piece at the age of eight, commenting on the unique playing styles and fashions of his mum's midweek tennis club. His website is

This New Arrival Trumps Steve Williams

This New Arrival Trumps Everything

I would like to discuss the frightening economic ramifications of a Donald Trump Presidency. Actually no, I'd much rather talk about our new kitten. We didn't think we would get another one. The wo...
07/11/2016 12:48 PM AEDT
Emoji All The Getty Images

Emoji All The People

It will be interesting to see where all this emoji business ends up. I suppose one day we will be reading online newspapers and magazines written in emoji form, though I suggest that will be when we are in our autonomous flying cars eating our food tablets.
23/09/2016 10:04 AM AEST
Homeless And Faceless, Mr publik16/Flickr

Homeless And Faceless, Mr Cellophane

He doesn't hassle anyone for money, doesn't randomly yell out expletives or even quote Shakespeare like a character I encountered in the Sydney CBD years ago. He just quietly goes about his business as everyone goes about theirs, pretending he doesn't exist.
19/02/2016 3:50 PM AEDT
Beach Cricket: Howzat For An Olympic Paul Quayle via Getty Images

Beach Cricket: Howzat For An Olympic Sport?

Before the first Olympic beach cricketers proudly stride out onto the sand, there will need to be a lot of meetings in the hallowed chesterfield-stuffed rooms of Lord's to nut out the details. In an exclusive for HuffPost Australia, a few of the rules of Olympic Beach Cricket have leaked under the door.
11/11/2015 9:48 AM AEDT