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Steven Benbow

Chief writer for Awkward Silence

Steven Benbow is the chief writer for Awkward Silence ( <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>), a new initiative online to encourage conversation by providing interesting conversation starters.
A World Without

A World Without Beer

I hate the taste of beer and I'm too lowbrow for wine. Imagine a fictional future beerless dystopia... would it really be that bad? Not for me obviously, but how about for everyone else?
22/04/2016 10:34 AM AEST
13 Reasons Why You Aren't Boring To Talk

13 Reasons Why You Aren't Boring To Talk To

You aren't using social media while we are talking. I like that when we're together we interact with each other instead of browsing on our phones. This is our space, not cyberspace.
23/03/2016 1:09 PM AEDT