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Tania Lacy

Recovering celebrity turned writer

Tania Lacy was a well-known fixture on Australian television throughout the late '80s and '90s. She has been the recipient of several awards for her film work and her first novel will hit the shelves in March 2016. She lives in Berlin with her husband and son and pinches herself regularly to make sure she's not dreaming.
Dear Mr Zuckerberg, What On Earth Were You

Dear Mr Zuckerberg, What On Earth Were You Thinking?

On a recent visit to 'The Book', I couldn't help but notice you had introduced 'reaction' buttons. Along with the good old 'like', we now have 'love, haha, wow, sad and angry'. Obviously, my first question is, where is Doc and Sneezy? My second question is, just what the hell were you thinking?
25/03/2016 2:21 AM AEDT
Feminism Is Getting

Feminism Is Getting Hairy

Yes, a select group of brave women are declaring their feminist identity, kicking against society with the most powerful weapon we've seen -- pit hair! As in armpit hair. Theirs.
06/11/2015 6:12 AM AEDT
Tone Down That Awful

Tone Down That Awful Noise!

I don't care if these turbines create enough energy to run this fancy-pants 300 kilometre per hour inter-city train, our good-old-Aussie overhead power-lines look like the Cindy Crawford of energy supply compared to these grotesque monoliths
24/08/2015 7:29 AM AEST