A natural-color image of Saturn from space, the first in which Saturn, its moons and rings, and Earth, Venus and Mars, all are visible, is seen in this NASA handout taken from the Cassini spacecraft July 19, 2013 and released November 12, 2013. The image captures 404,880 miles (651,591 kilometers) across Saturn and its inner ring system, including all of Saturn's rings out to the E ring, which is Saturn's second outermost ring. Cassini's imaging team processed 141 wide-angle images to create the panorama. REUTERS/NASA/JPL-Caltech/SSI/Handout via Reuters (OUTER SPACE - Tags: SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY) ATTENTION EDITORS - THIS IMAGE WAS PROVIDED BY A THIRD PARTY. FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY. NOT FOR SALE FOR MARKETING OR ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS. THIS PICTURE IS DISTRIBUTED EXACTLY AS RECEIVED BY REUTERS, AS A SERVICE TO CLIENTS

NASA Reveals All The 'Spooky' Sounds Of The Solar System

Space sounds terrifying 😳
31/10/2017 7:00 AM AEDT

iPhone Scam Tricks You Into Giving Up Your Password

While Apple's iOS software has many great features it is not perfect by any stretch. One of those less-than-perfect examples is that sometimes you will get an awful lot of iCloud or iTunes Store login...
13/10/2017 12:52 AM AEDT

We Now Know Why Humans Left Africa 60,000 Years Ago

We know that humans first started to migrate out of Africa around 60,000 years ago, what we've never been entirely sure of is what caused the to do it. New research led by a geoscientists from the Uni...
05/10/2017 10:42 PM AEDT