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Tim Costello

Chief Advocate at World Vision

Tim Costello is Chief Advocate at World Vision.
Looking The Other Way Is No Longer An Rodi Said / Reuters

Looking The Other Way Is No Longer An Option

Australians of conscience are aghast at our treatment of refugees, and they are variously confused and ashamed at the continuing impact of racism, in both policy and the wider culture. But so feeble is the state of the national conscience that those who raise their voices often seem to be shouting into the wind.
19/09/2016 9:55 AM AEST
If Your House Was Being Bombed, Would You Reuters

If Your House Was Being Bombed, Would You Run?

Conflict, persecution and starvation: these are the common factors that drive people from their homes. Right now, more than 60 million people across the globe have found themselves making this awful choice. And yet this is precisely the time when the Australian Government chooses to spend three years slashing $11 billion from the aid budget.
23/05/2016 3:59 PM AEST
It's Time To Trust The Cassandra Hannagan via Getty Images

It's Time To Trust The Young

Increasingly I find my country's past easier to explain than its present. Today's Australia confusingly lacks a coherent narrative or explanation for how we are doing things, and to what purpose. How do you describe what Australian aspiration looks like in 2015?
25/08/2015 8:26 AM AEST