Peter Dutton Really Hates The ABC And Fairfax

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has taken aim at the ABC, attacking the Q&A program as a "waste of taxpayers money" and seemingly claiming victory in the wake of the broadcaster's axing of Muslim activist Yassmin Abdel-Magied, saying "one down, many to go". The Minister has previously accused the ABC -- and Fairfax -- of conducting a "jihad" to bring down the Coalition Government, but he has doubled down on Thursday in the wake of a Q&A which allegedly downplayed the threat posed by Islamic fundamentalism and inspired an article which has been roundly condemned for suggesting the ABC should have been bombed instead of Manchester.
25/05/2017 4:19 PM AEST

Quadrant Publishes Article Suggesting ABC Should Be Bombed

Quadrant -- which bills itself as "the leading general intellectual journal of ideas, literature, poetry and historical and political debate published in Australia" -- published a piece on Tuesday, just hours after the Manchester attack, titled 'The Manchester Bomber's ABC Pals' which criticised the ABC's Q&A program for allegedly downplaying the risks of terrorism on Monday night. In a line toward the end of the piece, Quadrant online editor Roger Franklin wrote "had there been a shred of justice, that blast would have detonated in an Ultimo TV studio", referencing the ABC's Sydney headquarters. if such an event had occurred, Franklin wrote, "none of the panel's likely casualties would have represented the slightest reduction in humanity's intelligence, decency, empathy or honesty."
24/05/2017 4:50 PM AEST

There’s So Much More To Moana Hope’s Extraordinary Story Than Footy

Moana Hope is no ordinary athlete. At 29 years old, she works and trains for an astonishing 20 hours each day. That arduous schedule includes holding the position of marquee player for Collingwood FC in the AFL Women's competition, running her own traffic management business and acting as the primary carer for her younger sister. Livinia 'Vinnie' Hope was born with Moebius Syndrome.
22/05/2017 12:02 PM AEST

Recyclable Cardboard Festival Tents Are Coming To Australia

The 100% cardboard festival tent designed by the Dutch startup KarTent will be landing in Australia at Yours and Owls festival in Wollongong NSW this September. The eco-friendly alternative to traditional camping accommodation was introduced in the Netherlands in 2015 and rapidly crossed the border to most Western-European countries the following year. Full of momentum after receiving the prestigious Red Dot Design award in March 2017, KarTent is excited to see how Aussies adopt their revolutionary festival accommodation solution.
18/05/2017 2:41 PM AEST
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

An Artificial Womb Has Successfully Grown A Lamb For Four Weeks

Building on over 60 years of research, surgeons and neonatologists at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia have created an artificial womb that has successfully grown eight fetal lambs for over four weeks. Previous attempts have been successful in sustaining life for just hours, however the new system designed by researchers was able to support the fetuses for up to 28 days without any damage to their lungs or brain.
02/05/2017 2:40 PM AEST

Astronaut Captures The Surreal Beauty Of Our Extraordinary Planet From Space

Thomas Pesquet is a French astronaut for the European Space Agency and has been living aboard the International Space Station since November 2016. He is also a talented photographer who has been amazing people back on Earth via his flickr page. We've sifted through hundreds of his stunning photos and selected our favourites.
13/04/2017 4:00 PM AEST