Behind The Scenes Of A Star Wars Burlesque Film Shoot

The Empire Strips Back, a Star Wars themed burlesque show, has grown to become one of the biggest burlesque shows in the world. After several sold out tours of Australia, the show plans to move it's operations overseas. HuffPost Australia went behind the scenes of a promotional photoshoot set amidst sand dunes. Video by Tom Compagnoni.
06/03/2017 1:52 PM AEDT

Smash Cakes

The best part about being a kid (aside from not having to worry about adult things like bills and being 'responsible') were the kids' parties. The colourful, sugar-filled, high decibel-rated parties which luckily seemed to happen every other weekend. Now that we're adults (boo), we don't often get to enjoy such innocent, rambunctious parties with three-legged and egg-and-spoon races and piñatas. But there's a small Sydney-based business that's making that possible, for both kids and adults alike. Claudia Abrahams is the founder of SydneySmashCakes, the seed of which started seven years ago when Abrahams made the first smash cake for her eldest daughter's 5th birthday.
28/02/2017 1:20 PM AEDT
Josh Smith

The Perfect Shot: Josh Smith

Rural and landscape photographer Josh Smith has spent more than six years with his friend, pilot Joe Smith, flying over northern New South Wales to take aerial photographs of the landscapes below. Bas...
25/01/2017 12:52 PM AEDT

Antarctica - A Week At Casey Research Station

HuffPost Australia spent nine days at Casey Research Station, one of the Australian scientific research facilities in Antarctica. We spoke to the scientists researching the effects of global warming on the world’s largest ice shelf as well as the support staff who keep the station running in one of the coldest and most remote locations on the planet. Video by Tom Compagnoni. interviews by Josh Butler.
19/01/2017 7:13 PM AEDT

Art & Science Collide In Stunning 360° Video Exhibit

Premiering in Australia on January 7, EXIT is a 360° video installation based on the themes of human displacement as the result of political unrest, economics and climate change. The immersive experience offers an artistic rendering of scientific data, based on over one hundred sources, including UNESCO and the World Bank. Based on a concept by French philosopher and urbanist Paul Virilio, the artwork was assembled by a team of artists, architects, scientists, statisticians and geographers and was commissioned by the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain in Paris. Video by Tom Compagnoni.
07/01/2017 1:02 PM AEDT