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Tory Maguire

Editor-in-Chief, HuffPost Australia

Tory Maguire is the editor-in-chief at HuffPost Australia.
Weekend Rewind

Weekend Rewind VI

As Mental Health Week draws to a close it's worth taking a look back at the stories people have shared this week.
10/10/2015 7:48 AM AEDT
Weekend Rewind

Weekend Rewind V

We've so much in common with the United States -- but the gun culture, and politicians' inability, or unwillingness, to address it, is baffling to even <a href="" target="_hplink">gun-loving Australians like blogger Brad Emery</a>.
03/10/2015 6:44 AM AEST
Weekend Rewind

Weekend Rewind IV

Every now and again someone writes a piece which cuts to the heart of a matter with such precision you want everyone you
26/09/2015 6:43 AM AEST
A Bad Manager Is A Bad Manager, Man or

A Bad Manager Is A Bad Manager, Man or Woman

Can we all just agree that intimidation of grown professionals with serious jobs to do (or intimidation of anyone) is not the way to get things done -- even in the rough and tumble of politics.
23/09/2015 11:39 AM AEST
Weekend Rewind

Weekend Rewind III

We find ourselves this Saturday in a sort of limbo. Yes, Malcolm Turnbull is the new Prime Minister, but two significant political events remain yet to come this weekend - the Canning by-election and the announcement of Turnbull's new front bench.
19/09/2015 6:16 AM AEST
What's Powering The Revolving

What's Powering The Revolving Door?

By Abbott's reckoning there are two main culprits in the growing toxicity of the Australian landscape -- poll-driven politicians and a "febrile" media that "rewards treachery".
15/09/2015 4:47 PM AEST
Weekend Rewind

Weekend Rewind II

Once again we reach Saturday with the Syrian refugee crisis having dominated this week, but perhaps just a few flickers of hope to embrace.
12/09/2015 7:18 AM AEST

Weekend Rewind

It's the end of a week that's been an emotional slog. Many of us will spend the weekend with little Aylan Kurdi running through our thoughts. His story has rightly dominated the past few days.
05/09/2015 7:17 AM AEST
Numbers Only Tell Part Of Our National

Numbers Only Tell Part Of Our National Story

We know women and older Australians are the two fastest-growing groups in the workforce. And that at the same time the future economy wants us to have more babies now, the government doesn't want to pay for maternity leave. Securing a spot in a decent childcare centre is like finding the golden goose.
18/08/2015 5:43 AM AEST