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Trevor Marshallsea

Writer for print or screen, and seasoned journalist on sport and other things. Used to be found at SMH and AAP.

Trevor Marshallsea is a former Fairfax journalist. He was SMH chief cricket writer from 2001-2007, after 15 years at AAP in Sydney, London, Beijing, Brisbane and Hobart. He currently lives in China and writes at
Not Keeping Score In Kids' Sport Is Missing The

Not Keeping Score In Kids' Sport Is Missing The Point(s)

As for the fear of children feeling both ends of life's emotional spectrum, in an age where disappointment has apparently been outlawed, see the General George S. Patton quote, much loved by AFL coaching and playing great, Leigh Matthews: "Accept the challenge without reservation or doubt, and risk the depression of losing, so you may experience the exhilaration of victory."
20/02/2016 6:47 AM AEDT
Illuminating Facts About

Illuminating Facts About Parenting

A strict adherence to the truth can get boring. Like my dad, I have facts I stick to with our daughters. My wife rolls her eyes, but I will forever keep aloft the torch that declares warts come from touching toads.
23/12/2015 5:47 AM AEDT
The Smog Ate My

The Smog Ate My Homework

With the current week Beijing is having, you come to understand why. If, like cyclones, catastrophic smog days were given names to identify them, an appropriate one for this week would be something like Motherf*cker Bob.
09/12/2015 5:06 AM AEDT
Play That F#!%y

Play That F#!%y Music

The top brass had jetted into Beijing and everything had been meticulously planned for the China launch of a major US computer company's much-hyped new laptop. Then, very loudly through some large speakers, a song started up.
30/11/2015 5:02 AM AEDT
Halloween: An Australian Ex-Pat's

Halloween: An Australian Ex-Pat's Dilemma

Of all the things the Chinese invented, it never occurred to them to grow a pumpkin, hollow it out and stick a candle in it. They never thought to put on a skeleton costume and demand lollies from a neighbour under the threat of throwing a rotten egg onto his roof.
31/10/2015 6:14 AM AEDT
How To Make Your Child Poop Precious

How To Make Your Child Poop Precious Metal

Our six-year-old daughter swallowed a coin. And our seemingly happy life changed utterly. I've no idea how or why. All I know is that it happened on my watch. Worse still, it happened on my lap.
20/10/2015 5:18 AM AEDT