Yamini Naidu

Economist-turned-business storyteller, best-selling author, key-note speaker and mentor

Yamini Naidu is the world’s only economist-turned-business storyteller and rated among the top business storytellers globally. Best-selling author, key note speaker and mentor, Yamini works with leaders helping them shift from spreadsheets to stories. Her new Book ‘Power Play: Game changing influence strategies for leaders’ is out now in all good book stores and online. Visit www.yamininaidu.com
Why So Serious? Your Workplace Needs To Take A

Why So Serious? Your Workplace Needs To Take A Joke

Somewhere along the road, business has become burdened with a gravitas that borders on funereal. Taking ourselves too seriously is a modern workplace pandemic. So, it's time for some tough love: we are all contributing to making work... GULP... boring.
27/04/2016 3:31 PM AEST