Zoe George

Super Mum, Super Nurse, & Super Tired!

Neonatal nurse and wife to a neonatal nurse. Juggling crazy shifts patterns, whilst fighting to save our NHS. All whilst raising two beautiful children; Pudding & Pie and chasing after two crazy mini dachshunds. Writing about family and current affairs over at http://petitepudding.com <br> You can also find me over on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/petite_pudding/?hl=en) and on Pinterest (https://uk.pinterest.com/PetitePudding/)
When The Bottom Falls Out Of Your Birthing

When The Bottom Falls Out Of Your Birthing Plan

What people don’t tell you is that there are three pelvic floors. Your ‘pee hole’, your ‘love hole’ and your ‘exit only hole'. Thankfully (kinda), my first two were fine after the birth, but I had no idea of the surprise that was to come.
13/09/2016 2:24 PM AEST