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Adrian Pokorny

Doctor and father, not in that order

Doctor working in cancer. Husband working in the kitchen. Father working on nappies.
Eric Audras

Take It From A New Dad: Paternity Leave Matters

It now seems crazy to me that our society lays the burden of early parental responsibility almost exclusively upon mothers. This is something we should be trying to change; we need to, both to share care needs fairly and to set an example of equality to children.
20/09/2016 5:38 AM AEST
Getty Creative

My Four-Month-Old Is Smarter Than Me

Never underestimate a baby. My son can barely hold his head up, but he's already much smarter than I am. Just last weekend we went to Melbourne as a family and he showed me how little I know about parenthood.
01/07/2016 1:38 PM AEST

TV Parents Are A Bit Of A Letdown

Television shows tend to make babies seem like a mild inconvenience. In reality, a newborn is a hurricane that rips through every aspect of your life, leaving only a pile of inconsolable rubble in its wake. It's time this was reflected on screen.
19/06/2016 6:16 AM AEST