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David Leyonhjelm

Liberal Democrats Senator for NSW

David Leyonhjelm is Liberal Democrats Senator for NSW. He is on Twitter @davidleyonhjelm and his website is

It's Cruel To Keep People Alive When They'd Prefer To Die

Most people accept that painlessly ending the suffering of animals is an act of compassion. As a veterinarian I often had the decision to put an animal to sleep placed in my hands, because animals cannot give consent. Yet even when we give consent and beg for help, the law denies humans the same compassion.
22/09/2016 12:07 PM AEST
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Tuesday In The Senate Was Like Orating In The Middle Of A Tornado

It showed the Greens are willing to throw out marriage equality if it means stitching up a deal to win a few more seats. It showed the Liberals are prepared to throw away the chance to curb union thuggery in the building industry if it means pushing Labor out of some inner city seats. It showed Green concerns about Coal Seam Gas are more apparent than real.
16/03/2016 12:32 PM AEDT

The Government Shouldn't Decide Who We Can Marry

I am concerned about the cost of the plebiscite. With net debt of $278 billion and an interest bill of $1 billion a month, we cannot afford to waste money. For that reason, I believe we should hold the plebiscite at the same time as the next federal election and avoid the $160 million cost of a stand-alone plebiscite. There would also be less of a spotlight on the issue, hopefully moderating the worst excesses of the homophobes.
01/02/2016 10:56 AM AEDT
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'Our Candidates Are Freaks'

Not only can't I guarantee that 50 percent of Liberal Democrat candidates will be women, I can't guarantee that a quarter of them will be born overseas, that half of them will be under the median age of 38, or that half will have below-average intelligence.
28/08/2015 5:38 AM AEST