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Gino Vumbaca

President and co-founder of Harm Reduction Australia

Gino Vumbaca is the president and co-founder of Harm Reduction Australia.

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Drug Policy Based On Fear Means Everyone Loses

Unlike many policies which tend to rely on modelling and produce endless disputes about assumptions and bias, drug policy discussions can draw upon real life experiences and much evidence. But depressingly, rarely in public policy development does evidence so easily get overridden by personal crusades and unfounded beliefs as happens with drug policy.
24/06/2016 5:56 AM AEST
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Getting Tough On Crime Needs A Softer Approach

The current political and community discussion on prisons appears to be quite logical. Too many prisoners means building more prisons. The problem is that it doesn't solve the problem and doesn't improve community safety. In fact it achieves very little of what people think it will achieve.
09/02/2016 5:03 AM AEDT