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Jean Flynn

Freelance writer, author of Lovesick, winner of the XO Romance Prize

Jean Flynn is a freelance writer, author of Lovesick, winner of the XO Romance Prize.

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Moving In With My Partner Made Me Incredibly Lonely

I moved from inner-city Melbourne to regional Victoria when I was twenty-six. My partner of four years had been living on a farm near Kerang, and we were sick of the 280km commute and weekend-only romance. At first I found my new situation quite exciting. Then winter came, and my tree change quickly lost its novelty.
03/08/2016 2:18 PM AEST
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My Daughter Is Just Like Me, And I Hate It

Listening to the games makes me cringe with embarrassment. Don't get me wrong -- I love to see the kids playing nicely together, making things up, being creative and so on -- it's the parroting that I can't stand. Because my daughter's characters always sound just like me.
21/02/2016 6:31 AM AEDT
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Every School Holidays I Get 'Real Job' Envy

Working from home is great. I can take mornings off to go to BodyCombat, I don't have to attend any staff meetings, I never have to hear anyone say "Can you action this ASAP?" and I can't get the sack. Also, my office is active-wear friendly. So it's a perfect situation. Except in the school holidays...
18/01/2016 5:07 AM AEDT

I Might Be 'Established Middle-Class', But Don't Think You Know Me

I live in a big house with my husband and two kids. I turn up at school most days in lycra pants and sneakers, and, in cold weather, a sleeveless puffy jacket. I like lattes and green smoothies and chia seeds. But before you pigeonhole me as a posh, trend-following, Lorna-Jane-wearing yummy mummy, read on.
18/12/2015 5:46 AM AEDT