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Kathy Parker

Writer. Blogger. Survivor. Warrior. Word Alchemist.

Warrior. Dreamer. Creator. Writer. Fighter of all that is beautiful and good. Advocate for the underdog. Truth-teller. Empath. Passionate soul. Lover of land and ocean. Coffee drinker. Gentle spirit. Sensitive soul.Wild heart. Survivor. Writing her first manuscript.
Columnist for elephant journal, work also published by The Motherish and the Sydney Morning Herald.
Married to a farmer in the Limestone Coast of South Australia. Mother to four astonishing children.

You can find Kathy at her blog:
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If You Are A 24-Hour Woman, You Need To Stop The Clock

We're tired of not taking an hour off. We're tired of striving to accomplish more than we can fit into each day. Tired of running our houses, running our businesses, raising our families, building our careers, and feeling the pressure to do it all with shaved legs, shaped eyebrows and three days a week at the gym.
24/09/2016 6:49 AM AEST

When Freedom Of Choice No Longer Sets Us Free

In a world where women are banned from wearing a burkini or forced into arranged marriages, and children are trafficked into slavery, and thousands die of malnourishment and disease every day -- why are we, the privileged, so unsatisfied?
09/09/2016 3:22 PM AEST
altrendo images via Getty Images

Why I Won't Be Celebrating Valentine's Day

Though a Cancerian and made for romance, you would be hard-pressed to find anything I detest more than Valentine's Day. It's not just my dislike of commercialism. Or that I've become somewhat bitter and cynical. But it's the thought of all that expectation which makes me shudder the most.
14/02/2016 6:46 AM AEDT
Wavebreakmedia Ltd via Getty Images

How It Feels To Be The Other Daughter

We've all heard the stories of the other woman. The one who watches the man she's in love with go home every night to his family, a spectator of the life she longs for. But, it occurred to me recently that a similar pain is experienced for those of us who have lived as the 'other daughter'.
31/01/2016 6:48 AM AEDT

I Don't Wanna Shrink. I Wanna Grow

I could have followed my psychologist's advice. I could have become a lesser version of myself. A less real, less honest, less feeling, less bleeding version of myself. But if I had done that, I would've taken the essence of who I am and traded it for a cheap imitation.
08/01/2016 6:05 AM AEDT
Yuichiro Chino via Getty Images

This Is What It Feels Like To Have PTSD

While there may be no cure, there is awareness and there is understanding. There is healing in coming out from the shadow of our shame and bringing our stories into the light. As we begin to mend ourselves, we begin to mend each other. There is hope in simply knowing we are not alone.
05/12/2015 6:34 AM AEDT