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Naomi Chainey

Professional feminist, disability activist, freelance writer

Naomi Chainey is a professional feminist and disability activist with a background in community media.

She is the former General Manager of Disability Media Australia, and recently produced The F-Word, a panel style television program about all things feminism, airing on C31.

She is currently working as a freelance writer with work published on Daily Life, Junkee, The Establishment and ABC Ramp Up. She will get around to finishing her first short film sometime this year.

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We Defeat Hate With Love. But What If The Hate Is Our Own?

Love is love is love is love is love is love. But whose hate are we now defeating with all this love? My fellow straight, white, cis people, I suggest that the hate originates with us, and now would be a really good time to honestly reflect on what our systemic prejudice has wrought.
16/06/2016 5:38 AM AEST