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Scarlett Kayis

Queensland-based wife and mother of two

Scarlett met a Turkish Muslim in Bundaberg, married and converted to Islam.

She has always voted LNP and says this is the first year she has thought about her vote, where she voted for the Greens; giving Nick Xenophon’s party her second preference.

She says she mainly chose those parties because of their policies regarding refugees. Scarlett also says she feels unsafe in Australia and says she often thinks about moving to another country.

Virginia Star

I Have Been Australian For 26 Years And Muslim For 6 Years

My husband's parents were both born in Turkey and my husband lived there for five years as a child. Even though he too was born in Bundaberg and we both attended the same Bundaberg high school, we didn't meet until I was 19 years old through mutual friends. At first I didn't realise he was Muslim.
30/08/2016 9:48 AM AEST