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Tessa Prebble

Teacher, special-needs blogger and podcaster, mother

Tessa is a journalism teacher from Wellington, NZ, who lost her daughter, Eva, to complications of CHARGE Syndrome at 10 months old. She writes a blog called and produces a podcast of the same name.
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We Need To Reject The Idea That Disability Equates To Misery

This kind of extreme hate crime against people in the special needs and disabled community is not common. Thankfully, when we see this on the news, our hands fly to our faces in horror because it is so rare. We should be horrified. It is horrifying. But I don’t think we can be entirely surprised.
28/07/2016 9:56 AM AEST
Sally Anscombe

I'm Not Putting Popularity Over My Daughter's Privacy

It's not okay to silence a group of people such as those in the disabled and special needs community or to speak for them and take away their voices. But likewise, it's not okay to silence the carers of those with special needs, who have their own challenges to share.
26/07/2016 5:38 AM AEST