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Wayne Swan

Former Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer of Australia

Wayne Swan MP was Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer of Australia for six years and a regular participant in the G-20 Finance Ministers Meetings. His most recent book is The Good Fight: Six years, two prime ministers and staring down the Great Recession.
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The Tax Elephant In The Room

This year's Davos theme, 'How to Shape the Fourth Industrial Revolution', is timely and points to the critical role values and ethics play in the age of digital disruption including in our capital and financial markets.
21/01/2016 5:09 AM AEDT

Australia Plus America Should Equal Canada

Next year both the US and Australian publics will have the chance to choose if they will allow ideological prejudice to drive their economies into the ground, or whether they borrow from Canada's lead and invest in a new future.
18/11/2015 5:31 AM AEDT