Despite What You’ve Heard, Millennials Are Extremely Loyal

Friends, family and self are more important than loyalty to brands or companies.

I wouldn't be able to count the number of times I've been told that "millennials aren't loyal". If you Google those exact words you will be greeted with thousands of results sporting titles like 'Millennials and The Death of Loyalty', 'Why Millennials Aren't Loyal to Their Companies' and 'Study Reveals Millennials Aren't Loyal to Fashion Brands'.

Despite being a millennial, I have never seen myself as disloyal. This is quite interesting, because I have been labelled a 'job hopper'. I have five bank accounts open and a dozen loyalty cards in my wallet, proving I can't commit to a relationship with just one barista.

But this does not prove that I am not loyal -- I just choose who I give my loyalty to, which usually isn't a brand or company that will profit from me, but my friends, my family... and myself.

Rather than labelling millennials as disloyal, perhaps passionate would be a better word to start using.

I am the first to admit I'm a 'hopper'. I have worked for three companies in three years, yet during this time I have maintained nearly all of the friendships I have made, and continue to make new lifelong friends. I am loyal to the people I meet, I listen to understand them, offer my support and am there without expecting anything in return.

From my shopping habits, my numerous bank accounts and my desire to find the cheapest phone plan, it's obvious I am not loyal to a single brand. Yet, I am loyal to my family, and would never do anything to change that. I trust them, love them unconditionally and give them as much time as I possibly can.

Those who try to contact me on social media know that every other week I can't decide if I'm team Snapchat or team Instagram and I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook, proving that I am definitely not loyal to just one social media network. I am extremely proud to say however, that I am loyal to myself.

If I am unhappy, I will try to understand why and make changes to what I don't like, to ensure I live life to the fullest. This could be a simple change, like when I decided to take up pole dancing as my fitness of choice. No matter how many comments I got, I knew dancing made me happy and so I continued to work hard and dance my butt off. Not only did I fall in love with the sport, but also the talented people at my studio.

Rather than labelling millennials as disloyal, perhaps passionate would be a better word to start using.

Passion drives us. We're willing to try something new and not devote our lives to one thing if it doesn't suit us. We are making our own choices, instead of following the footsteps of our parents. Some might take this the wrong way, but I'm not saying our way is better, it is just different. We are all individuals and we need to make our own way, whilst staying loyal to ourselves. We don't want to be moulded into someone or something we're not.

I might not know what I want all the time, but once I find out, I am willing to follow my gut and act on it, rather than staying in a situation I don't love.