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10 'Endangered' Baby Names At Risk Of Becoming Extinct

From Kirsty to Kieran, these baby names have fallen out of fashion – but it's not too late to bring them back.

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What goes out of fashion usually comes back in again – but some names are in danger of being completely forgotten.

Recent analysis of ONS data has shown if you’re thinking of choosing something stand-out for your little one, you’ll need to act fast. So, why not take the opportunity to breathe new life into Kirsty or Kieran?

We have a wealth of baby name inspiration on HuffPost Parents, but here are 10 monikers you should snap up before they become extinct.


A pet name for Christine, Kirsty also comes from the Latin, meaning ‘follower of Christ’.


Meaning ‘to descend’ or to ‘flow down’, the name stems from the River Jordan in Israel.


A feminine form of the name Sean, this pretty version means ‘a gift from God’.


Shannon is the ‘possessor of wisdom’ and can also translate to the Irish words for ‘old river’.


Courtney has two meanings: one is from the French for ‘from the court’, the other means ‘short nose’.


It means ‘who is like God’ in Old English, but can also mean ‘big’. Also written as Michel.


This name can also be spelled Ciaran. It comes from the Irish and means, ‘little dark-haired one’.


Once a popular first name in Scotland, Ross is now synonymous with the character in TV show Friends. It comes from the Gaelic for a ‘promontory’ or ‘headland’.


From the English, this name means, ‘from the broom hill’.


Meaning ‘dwells at the crag’ in Scotland, Craig comes from the word for ‘rock’.

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