11/09/2015 10:15 AM AEST | Updated 12/09/2015 2:03 AM AEST

15 Late-Night Wedding Snacks That Totally Hit The Spot

Om nom nom.

After spending hours tearing up the dance floor, there's nothing that will make your guests happier than chowing down on a delicious late-night snack.

Satisfy their case of the drunk munchies (drunchies?) with one of the savory bites or sweet delights below. 

  • 1 Mini lattes with bite-sized donuts
    Tracey Buyce Photography
  • 2 Or full-sized donuts in convenient to-go boxes
    A Guy And A Girl Photography
  • 3 Go classic with cheeseburgers and milkshakes
    Tracey Buyce Photography
  • 4 If you're on the West Coast, an In-N-Out truck is an excellent idea
    Jihan Abdalla Photography
  • 5 Grilled cheese dippers with tomato soup are as cute as they are delicious
    Inspired By Charm
  • 6 Cookie and milk shots are the best kind of shots
    Theilen Photography
  • 7 A cereal bar will certainly be a big hit
    Onelove Photography
  • 8 Soft pretzels with an ice-cold Diet Coke? Hell yeah
    Brett and Jessica
  • 9 Or perhaps this fun take on chicken and waffles
    Lisa Carpenter Photography
  • 10 And everybody loves popcorn
    Studio 29
  • 11 Hot dogs with all the fixins'
    Studio 29
  • 12 Chips, salsa and guacamole for guests who love to dip
    Anita Martin Photography
  • 13 And why not have a quesadilla bar while you're at it?
    Amanda Pair Photography
  • 14 A DIY s'mores bar is sure to please
    Aves Photographic Design
  • 15 And last but not least: a taco bar!
    Steve Steinhardt Photography

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