17/06/2017 4:37 AM AEST

17 Gorgeous Photos That Celebrate The Bond Between Dads And Kids

"Enjoy those precious moments."

The bond between fathers and their children can be a stunning expression of unconditional love, joy and hope for the future.

To celebrate the beauty of this relationship, held an international photography contest called “Father And Child.” 

“Fathers need to be reminded of that special bond,” contest winner Karen Alsop told HuffPost. “Discipline, frustrations and everyday responsibilities often cloud a parent’s view. It’s important to step back and look at that ‘bigger picture’ and remember they won’t be little forever. Enjoy those precious moments.”

Scroll down to see a selection of finalist photos from around the world, and visit for the full collection.  

  • Marta Schmidt, Spain
    Marta Schmidt, Spain
    Marta Schmidt/Child Photo Competition
  • Stephanie Mason, Canada
    Stephanie Mason, Canada
    Stephanie Mason/Child Photo Competition
  • Magdalena Pachut, Poland
    Magdalena Pachut, Poland
    Magdalena Pachut/Child Photo Competition
  • Brigitta Fursca, Hungary
    Brigitta Fursca, Hungary
    Brigitta Fursca/Child Photo Competition
  • Nicole Anderson, Australia
    Nicole Anderson, Australia
    Nicole Anderson/Child Photo Competition
  • Agnieszka Lawniczek, U.K.
    Agnieszka Lawniczek, U.K.
    Agnieszka/Child Photo Competition
  • Marta Sokolowska, U.K.
    Marta Sokolowska, U.K.
    Marta Sokolowska/Child Photo Competition
  • Lisa Holloway, USA
    Lisa Holloway, USA
    Lisa Holloway/Child Photo Competition
  • Suzanne Taylor, Canada
    Suzanne Taylor, Canada
    Suzanne Taylor/Child Photo Competition
  • Ewa Wojczakowska-Skrobisz, Poland
    Ewa Wojczakowska-Skrobisz, Poland
    Ewa Wojczakowska-Skrobisz/Child Photo Competition
  • Angelina Bulakhova, Russia
    Angelina Bulakhova, Russia
    Angelina Bulakhova/Child Photo Competition
  • Dorota Skoczylas, Poland
    Dorota Skoczylas, Poland
    Dorota Skoczylas/Child Photo Competition
  • Milena Krammer, Austria
    Milena Krammer, Austria
    Milena Krammer/Child Photo Competition
  • Rasa Razaniene, Lithuania
    Rasa Razaniene, Lithuania
    Rasa Razaniene/Child Photo Competition
  • Denise Saba, Australia
    Denise Saba, Australia
    Denise Saba/Child Photo Competition
  • Sofia Carti, Turkey
    Sofia Carti, Turkey
    Sofia Carti/Child Photo Competition
  • Winner -- Karen Alsop, Australia
    Winner -- Karen Alsop, Australia
    Karen Alsop/Child Photo Competition