07/10/2019 10:39 AM AEDT

2nd Whistleblower Comes Forward On Trump's Dealings With Ukraine: Attorneys

The intelligence official is said to have firsthand knowledge of details cited in the first whistleblower's complaint against Trump.

A second whistleblower who’s said to have firsthand knowledge of allegations of misconduct involving President Donald Trump and Ukraine has come forward to speak with the intelligence community’s inspector general, two attorneys representing the whistleblowers have said.

Attorney Mark Zaid told ABC News Sunday that this intelligence official, whom his firm is also now representing, is able to speak directly about the details cited in a first whistleblower’s complaint against Trump regarding his July 25 phone call with Ukraine’s president.

Fellow attorney Andrew Bakaj also confirmed the development on Twitter, adding that their D.C. firm represents “multiple whistleblowers” in connection to the complaint against Trump.

Zaid said he does not know if this second individual is the same official reported by The New York Times on Friday, or if it is an additional one. That official was reportedly interviewed by Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson during an investigation into the first whistleblower’s complaint.

An additional account of Trump’s communications with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky could potentially add credibility to that offered by the first whistleblower. The original complaint relies on secondhand knowledge but is supported by a summary of Trump’s call with Zelensky.

President Donald Trump, seen speaking to the press on Friday, has described his call with President Volodymyr Zelensky as “absolutely perfect” and “totally appropriate.”

Trump, who’s accused of inappropriately pressuring Zelensky to investigate one of his 2020 presidential rivals, former Vice President Joe Biden, has attempted to cast doubt on the account.

He’s described his call with Zelensky as “absolutely perfect” and “totally appropriate.”