5 Camping Hacks to Get Rid of Stressful Work Life

No matter your religious views or beliefs, you have to admit that humans spent a longer time in harmony with nature than inside big living conglomerates, like nowadays cities. This is why, indifferent of your profession, you will most definitely feel better in the wilds. Even if you are working in the most comfortable office, you will still need to get in touch with nature. And camping offers you the perfect opportunity to reconnect with nature. It is a great activity you can do alone, with friends, family, or with your pet.

It’s a great opportunity to take a break from the city life and recollect your thoughts and emotions. Even though most people like the idea of camping, not many know what to expect from a camping trip, how to prepare for one, and what to do once they get there. This is why we created this list of hacks, so you’ll know how to prepare for the best camping experience.

Hack #1

You need a good tent. If you’re not experienced with camping, you will be tempted to but the most expensive model, thinking that’s the best one, but that’s not necessarily true. You must think about how often you might go camping and with how many people. If you decide on buying a 8 person tent, but end up going with only three other people, you’re just throwing money away. If on the other hand, you decide to buy a two-person tent, and you regularly go with three other friends, you might have to buy another tent, which will prove to be more expensive.

Another thing you should be looking for is the tent protection. You need a solid protection for your tent. Something that keeps you cool in the summer and keeps the wind, rain, and snow out in the colder seasons.

Some people without camping experience will go for the self-inflatable tents, but we don’t recommend that. They are not so reliable as the regular ones.

Hack #2

You need a pair of comfortable shoes. No, they don’t need to look good, that’s not a must. But you need to be comfortable and warm in the cold seasons, and cool in the summer. Tactical pants might come in handy, as they have many pockets and you can store a lot of stuff in them. On the other hand, owning a good pair of hunting boots is a must. This kind of boots is able to keep your feet comfortable in all weather conditions.

Hack #3

Remember that camping is all about relaxing. Nothing can relax you better than a hammock. Since you go out in the forest, you might as well set one up and lay in it. Listen to nature, enjoy the moment. Since you’re hanging things from trees, you could also install a small swing. No, you don’t have to carry the thing all the way to the camping site. If you didn’t know until now, there are three swings that weigh under 2 pounds. They’re made out of a plastic seat and ropes. That’s it, but you’ll have loads of fun with one.

Hack #4

If you go camping, you need to be able to sleep comfortably. That’s one of the most important things. In order to get a good night’s sleep, you should place some foam floor tiles inside the tent for a softer, more comfortable sleeping position. Another accessory that might guarantee your peaceful night is a good pair of earplugs for sleeping. Forests, rivers, and seas are loud for a city person. Earplugs are essential if you’re not used to sleeping in the wild. Before using the plugs, make sure you check with the local authorities and they confirm there are no human threatening species roaming the area in which you’re camping.

Hack #5

This is a more rudimentary, but valuable hack. You need dry toilet paper. You don’t know how much you need it until you do. A great way to achieve that is to place your toilet paper in an empty coffee or peanut can. Just make a slit in the side of the can, slide a piece of the toilet paper out, and let nature take its course. Oh, you might need a good rainproof curtain to hang above you when the moment comes. Everything will be easier this way.

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