25/02/2016 9:09 AM AEDT | Updated 25/02/2016 9:43 AM AEDT

Adele Announces Her Support For Kesha In Brit Awards Speech


Adele won Best Female Solo Artist at the Brit Awards on Wednesday and used her acceptance speech to show support for fellow female artist, Kesha

After acknowledging the other nominees in the category and thanking her management, the "Hello" singer said she "would also like to take this moment to publicly support Kesha." 

Kesha has been involved in a lawsuit against her manager, Dr. Luke (Lukasz Gottwald) since 2014 and has accused him of sexual assault and battery. Last Friday, a judge denied her motion to be released from her contract with Sony and Kemosabe Records, a production company that is run by Dr. Luke. 

In addition to Adele, countless celebrities like Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga and Lorde have voiced their support for the "Warrior" singer. Taylor Swift donated $250,000 to Kesha to help with her financial needs, according to a statement from her rep.

Jack Antonoff offered to make music with the singer and leak it until she was free from Dr. Luke, whom he refers to as "that creep." 

Zedd also offered to produce a song for Kesha, though she's currently not allowed to make music with anyone other than a producer at Sony.

Kesha thanked her fans for their support in an Instagram post on Tuesday, her first public statement since her court date last week. 

"I am beyond words in gratitude. thank you is not enough but it is all I have," said the 28-year-old. "The support I have received has left my face swollen from tears. I love you all so much." 

She followed up her thanks with an emotional Facebook post on Wednesday

"I think about young girls today -- I don’t want my future daughter -- or your daughter -- or any person to be afraid that they will be punished if they speak out about being abused, especially if their abuser is in a position of power," Kesha wrote. "Unfortunately I don’t think that my case is giving people who have been abused confidence that they can speak out, and that’s a problem."

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