20/12/2015 10:46 PM AEDT | Updated 22/12/2015 4:21 AM AEDT

22 Animals Wearing Pajamas Just Because


If you're going to choose a single way to improve your life, choose sleep. It can boost your well-being in countless ways. A good night's rest can reduce the risk of depression, decrease your stress levels and prevent you from getting sick. 

If you need an extra push to hit the pillow earlier tonight, allow these animals wearing pajamas to inspire you.

This is a shetland pony wearing a onesie foursie to stay nice and toasty.

Ascot Racecourse

Ollie the pup is sporting a sweet set of ducky jammies.

Roofus & Kilo

These pals are pumped for their slumber party. 


Baby goats, now, now.

When you love your PJs, there's no need to be shy about it:

Not a cheetah, just a cat wearing printed pajamas.

Who wouldn't smile looking this snuggly?

Just a sloth being a star.

Another one eating vegetables in his jammies, livin' the dream. 

Aww, Joey.

Love that mock turtleneck! 

Puppies look divine in stripes. Who knew?!

The remedy for cold paws is four ducky slippers.

Batman pajamas would make anyone want to dance.

Get your pups in a row, then dress them.

Don't mind the nightmare in the back, this pup's having the sweetest dreams.

Camels need rest, too.

Animals of every size deserve a set of comfy night clothes.

Here's a llama showcasing pajamas that go from day to night.

This pooch is too tired for photos, but just the right amount of tired for wearing pajamas.

A cat dons a nightie, the memoir.

Puppies in pajamas aren't always happy about it, even if you are.