09/04/2020 8:27 AM AEST | Updated 09/04/2020 8:44 AM AEST

April's 'Pink' Supermoon Provides Plenty Of Photo And Video Ops

It's the largest supermoon of 2020.

Avid sky-watchers and star-gazers were promised a pink supermoon on Wednesday in Australia - it’s the biggest and brightest the moon will be all year. 

And we all need something a little bright right now. 

Supermoons occur whenever the Earth’s orbit pulls it closely in, making the moon appear larger than normal, although the moon wasn’t actually that pink last night. 

Monash University astronomer Michael Brown told The Guardian Aussies would have most likely seen a silver moon, just a little bigger than usual. 

“The only time that we get unusual colours for the moon is if say, we’re looking at it through smoky or dusty skies like we had last summer,” he said. 

“Or in a lunar eclipse.”

While there was plenty of cloud cover in parts of Australia on Wednesday evening, which made the moon harder to see, April’s supermoon was something of a special one in other parts of the globe. 

For more on that, check out the video above

Here are the best Tweets of Wednesday night’s supermoon:

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