01/03/2017 12:02 PM AEDT

25 Award-Winning Wedding Photos That Are Anything But Ordinary

Each image tells its own beautiful story. 📸

These wedding photos are more than just a bunch of pretty pictures.

On Friday, Fearless Photographers ― a site dedicated to celebrating the very best in wedding photography ― released their most recent collection of award-winning images from photogs all around the world. More than 15,000 photos were submitted but only 89 made the cut. 

See 25 of our favorites below. Then check out the collection in full on the Fearless Photographers site. 

  • George Stan
  • Nele Watty
  • Alexandre Kauder
  • Pasquale Minniti
  • Andra Dragan
  • Amar Ramesh
  • Vinci Wang
  • Bardt Wauters
  • Szymon Pietrzyk
  • Curtis Moore
  • Ashley Davenport
  • Jessica VanTassel
  • Joseph Sarkodie
  • Rocio Vega
  • Ivan Arangure
  • Julian Kanz
  • Segun Olotu
  • Damon Pijlman
  • Ruud Claessen
  • Sergey Semikov
  • Egor Jelov
  • David Clumpner
  • Elena Haralabaki
  • Emin Kuliyev