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18 Times Groomsmen Elevated The Wedding Photo Game

This is how it's done, gentlemen.

It's easy to feel all stiff and stuffy when you're a groomsman decked out in a suit and tie. But don't let your formal attire get in the way of having some serious fun with the boys. 

Below are 18 groups of groomsmen who got a little goofy with their wedding photos. 

  • 1
    Dash Productions
    When you flaunt that new bling.
  • 2
    Joe and Marianne of Marianne Wilson Photography
    When the bride can drink you under the table. 
  • 3
    BG Productions Photography
    When you rock the hell out of some Ninja Turtle socks. Cowabunga, dudes! 
  • 4
    L and L Style Photo
    When you put that in your pipe and smoke it.
  • 5
    Micah Bowerbank Photography
    When Bigfoot attacks!
  • 6
    The Leekers
    When you realize you're never too old to drink from a red Solo cup.
  • 7
    Ryan Brenizer Photography
    When the groom is arm-ed and dangerous.
  • 8
    Del Sol Photography
    When you reveal your superhero status. 
  • 9
    BG Productions Photography
    Loud and proud! 
  • 10
    Katie Slater Photography
    When you put those stunner shades on to block out the haters.
  • 11
    Rob Greer Photography
    When you're cheesin' HARD.
  • 12
    Tana Photography
    When you nail the secret handshake.
  • 13
    Monique Hessler Photography
    When you hold an awkward selfie contest.
  • 14
    Maureen Cotton Photography
    When you remember that you're a total champ.
  • 15
    Joe and Marianne of Marianne Wilson Photography
    When you hold a serious boardroom meeting with the boss man (a.k.a. groom).
  • 16
    Rob Greer Photography
    When you're literally jumping for joy. 
  • 17
    Cooked Photography
    When you get some serious air.
  • 18
    When it's time to shred a little air guitar. 
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