Baby Sweetly Interrupts Meteorologist Mum's Weather Forecast

Sunny with a chance of chubby cheeks.

A TV meteorologist in Los Angeles is getting showered with praise for the way she deftly handled an unexpected cameo by her 9-month-old son.

Leslie Lopez was delivering the forecast on ABC affiliate KABC when her child, Nolan, suddenly popped up to say howdy. He seemed heedless that his mum, working from home, was on live TV.

Nolan’s head was initially blocked by the headers at the bottom of the screen, but Lopez knew he was looking for cuddles and picked him up, allowing the camera to see him.

“He walks now, guys,” Lopez said. “So I’ve lost all control.”

The clip has since gone viral on Twitter, with many people charmed by the cute child and his ready-for-anything mum.

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