18/09/2020 1:51 PM AEST | Updated 25/09/2020 12:18 PM AEST

What Do The Bachelor Australia Contestants Eat? Irena Srbinovska Was 'Cook Of The House'

"I love to cook and cooking for the girls gave me such pleasure."

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From cocktail parties and the rose ceremonies, there’s plenty of entertaining content on ‘The Bachelor Australia’. But something viewers don’t necessarily get to see is the contestants gathering around for a meal when they weren’t on dates. 

The bachelorettes usually took turns cooking in the mansion, and one of the show’s frontrunners Irena Srbinovska has now lifted the lid on being known as the cook of the house thanks to her delicious vegan dishes. 

UPDATE: Irena Srbinovska wins ‘The Bachelor Australia’ 

“I love to cook and cooking for the girls gave me such pleasure,” the 31-year-old told HuffPost Australia. 

Channel 10
'The Bachelor Australia' contestant Irena Srbinovska (L) talks about what the contestants eat in the mansion

The nurse said a crowd favourite that “the girls loved” was her “super quick satay sauce”.

“Super simple, you mix some peanut butter, Tamari or soy sauce (a good drizzle) and a little bit of boiling water in a bowl then add some chilli flakes to taste and there you go,” she explained. “Satay sauce in less than 30 seconds.”

Who Does The Grocery Shopping For The Bachelor? 

While one could expect chocolates and champagne on single dates, it was a different scenario in the mansion. 

“We made shopping lists and got the food delivered,” former contestant Ashlea Harvey told E! News in 2018. “I was one of the main cooks in the house.

“When there were 25 girls, it was a bit hard and we had little individual groups where we’d share the kitchen and cook our own meals. As time went on, and we got to down to about 20 girls, I started doing family dinners and I cooked most of the nights.”

In 2017 contestant Jen Hawke revealed the guilty pleasure she unapologetically devoured.

“In the pantry was a 3kg jar of Nutella. And it was a joke that the Nutella would last us three months in the house. I was like, ‘That will last me two weeks,’” she told NW at the time.

“I did it in about ten days. I stress eat too, so I’d get into the Nutella before a rose ceremony.” 

Irena Won A Cooking Contest 6 Years Ago 

She said her passion for food is something a lot of people don’t know about her.

“I’ve always wanted to work in the food industry, like having my own vegan cafe is my dream,” she said. 

In 2013 Irena won the Tastes of Central Geelong competition, defeating about 60 other home cooks with her impressive 10-layered chocolate-coffee Opera cake.

The competition was judged by former ‘MasterChef Australia’ winner Julie Goodwin, which makes us think Irena would be ideal for the cooking show next year if things don’t work out on ‘The Bachelor’. 

In 2014 at age 24 she competed in the Central Geelong Bake Off as her profile as a local baker continued to rise. 

She also won this second competition, making 500 macarons in order to get the perfect 15 for judging. 

“After last year I had a few offers to bake for local cafes,” she told the Geelong Advertiser at the time. “It’s all been so worth it in the end.” 

Will Irena Be On MasterChef? 

She has said she’s open to future reality TV opportunities, and a certain cooking show could be her next pick. 

“I don’t like to say never,” she told HuffPost Australia. “I do love to cook so maybe Masterchef.” 

Irena is one of four contestants remaining on Locky Gilbert’s season of ‘The Bachelor’ alongside Bella Varelis, Bec Cvilikas and Izzy Sharman-Firth.

‘The Bachelor Australia’ airs Wednesday and Thursday at 7:30pm on Channel 10.