21/06/2017 4:56 AM AEST | Updated 22/06/2017 12:06 AM AEST

Rachel Lindsay Responds Perfectly To ‘Bachelor’ Contestant’s Racist Tweet


Rachel Lindsay, the current star of ABC’s “The Bachelorette,” has delivered a clapback worthy of applause.

A few weeks ago, it was widely reported that Lee Garrett ― a current contestant on the first season of the franchise with a black Bachelorette ― is the prolific author of numerous bigoted tweets targeted at women and black, Muslim and LGBT people.

And on Monday night another problematic contestant in Bachelor Nation made an appearance. 

In a since-deleted tweet, former “Bachelor” contestant Leah Block decided to share this unsavory slice of life: “I’m sitting here watching @BacheloretteABC and my roommate just sat down on the couch and said, ‘What is this? @LoveAndHipHop_?’ DEAD.”

“Love and Hip-Hop” is a reality show that features a mostly black cast, while the current season of “The Bachelorette” has more diversity among its male contestants than it has had in the past.

Lindsay wasn’t having any of that noise and responded to that mess of a tweet appropriately.

Although Block’s tweet — and entire account — has since been deleted, there are receipts. Some Twitter users screenshot the exchange.

There is, however, one silver lining in this whole debacle. If Lindsay is willing to reference Garrett in that kind of tweet, hopefully the cowboy-hat wearing contestant will soon ride off into the sunset.

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