30/01/2020 12:55 PM AEDT

Barbie Debuts An Even More Inclusive Line of Dolls, Including One With Vitiligo

These aren’t your mum's Barbies with their problematic proportions and lack of diversity.

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Barbie just dropped its latest line of inclusive dolls, and the doll with vitiligo is already available. 

The doll aisles that you might have grown up seeing, with rows of blonde, blue-eyed Barbies, are a-changing.

While your mom might have only had a couple of Barbie dolls to choose from decades ago, Mattel has made its iconic doll much more inclusive in recent years. The Barbie dolls of today come in different sizes, skin tones and hairstyles. 

Last year, Barbie turned 60 and the brand introduced dolls with wheelchairs and prosthetic limbs.

And now, the 2020 Barbie Fashionistas collection that just launched include a bald Barbie and a doll that has vitiligo.

While some of the dolls are already available —the Barbie with vitiligo can be bought at Target and Walmart now — some are slated to come out later in the year, including the doll that doesn’t have any hair, Mattel told HuffPost Finds in an email. 

The new doll with vitiligo is actually the more affordable at Walmart right now in case you want to grab one your yourself or your kiddo . 

Fortunately, these are much more inclusive than the Barbie dolls that your mom used to play with. 

Mattel explained that it worked with a dermatologist to make sure that vitiligo was accurately represented with its new doll.

“As we continue to redefine what it means to be a ‘Barbie’ or look like Barbie, offering a doll with vitiligo in our main doll line allows kids to play out even more stories they see in the world around them,” Mattel’s spokesperson said. 

This Barbie has a more petite figure than the original and vitiligo areas on her face, neck and hands. She’s also sporting a colorful striped dress, fanny pack and white sneakers. 

And the latest line offers much more diversity than just one doll. 

There’s a long-haired Ken doll in the collection that’s already on Amazon.

In June, the brand said it will be launching a doll with a darker skin tone that uses a gold prosthetic limb, along with a Barbie with no hair. 

“We are proud that Barbie is the most diverse doll line on the market that continues to evolve to better reflect the world girls see around them,” said Lisa McKnight, senior vice president of Barbie, in an emailed statement.  

Now, Barbie’s Fashionista line currently has 176 dolls that represent 9 different body types, 35 skin tones and 94 hairstyles. Even Ken’s gotten diverse — including a doll with a man bun, one with freckles and another with cornrows.

So these aren’t your mom’s Barbie dolls with their problematic proportions. The people have demanded diversity and luckily, toys are getting there step by step.

Now, the little kids in your life can see more of themselves in the toys you’re gifting them. Or they can see someone completely different than them. 

If your niece or nephew’s begging you for a doll, you can at least give them one that reflects real people. And that’s probably what Barbie Judge would want, too.  


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