11/05/2017 1:52 AM AEST

Get A Behind The Scenes Look At The Making Of A Gay Porn

Is it hot in here or is it just this xxx flick being filmed?

Like many gay men (and even a surprising number of straight men), Davey Wavey loves gay porn.

So you can imagine how happy the YouTube star was to jet off to Barcelona with fellow YouTuber Riyadh K to get an all-access behind the scenes look at the making of a new adult film from Men.com.

“I love gay porn for reasons beyond the obvious,” Wavey told HuffPost. “Sure, it’s arousing to watch. But with Trump in the White House and trans rights being rolled back, it’s become increasingly important to celebrate our queerness.”

Wavey added that for him, “the filming and distribution of gay sex is an unapologetic, empowering celebration of who we are... and right now, we need that.”

We feel you, bub. And we thank you for your patriotism. 

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