18 Incredible Beaches You've Never Heard Of, But Need To Know

See you there.

We've seen some pretty incredible beaches in our day, but sadly enough, this means that everyone else has seen them, too. Trash and crowding is not a good look on paradise.

Therefore, make your next bucket list one full of beaches you've never heard of. Chances are you'll discover a slice of heaven where the only footprints you can see are deliciously, wonderfully, isolated-ly yours. Happy exploring!

Flamenco Beach, Puerto Rico
Inti St. Clair via Getty Images

It doesn't get much better than this sunny swath of sand in Culebra.

Bonifacio, France
CHAPUT Franck / hemispicture.com via Getty Images

Mountains spill into beach at this harbor town on the tip of Corsica, a French island.

Star Beach, The Philippines
Emilio Maranon III, Philippines via Getty Images

These see-through waters are the "stars" of the Filipino beach scene.

Navagio Beach, Greece
n0n4m3h3r0 via Getty Images

It's the prettiest beach in Greece, with a casual shipwreck to boot.

Apollo Bay, Australia
zetter via Getty Images

Take a surf trip down Australia's Great Ocean Road. You'll never want to leave this sandy little pit stop.

San Blas Islands, Panama
Simon Dannhauer via Getty Images
Mahé, Seychelles
IakovKalinin via Getty Images

If you don't already crave a trip to the largest island in the Seychelles, you will now.

Oludeniz, Turkey
Ahmet Gul via Getty Images

Paraglide over the water, or simply soak in its idyllic, aqua-blue lagoon.

Mayreau, The Grenadines
Westend61 via Getty Images

No beach is the "best" on this island: It's all just utter perfection.

Baia do Sancho, Brazil

This Brazilian beauty was named the best beach in the world this year.

Seven Mile Beach, Cayman Islands
MyLoupe/UIG via Getty Images
Lover's Beach, Mexico
Todd Lawson via Getty Images

We're in love with this bowl-shaped wonder and its picturesque rocks.

Canouan Island, The Grenadines
Andrew Gunners via Getty Images

On this teeny-tiny island in the Grenadines, you can scuba the days away.

Bequia, The Grenadines
Jonathan Bird via Getty Images
Blue Lagoon, Malta
adam smigielski via Getty Images

Stop right now: This surprisingly accessible lagoon sits on an island south of the tip of Italy's boot.

Trunk Bay, U.S. Virgin Islands
Buena Vista Images via Getty Images

A Rockefeller donated this bay on Saint John to the National Park Service decades ago. You've gotta see it before you die.

Jambiani Beach, Tanzania
Photography taken by Ivan Dupont via Getty Images

Venture to the islands of Zanzibar for white-sand treks you won't forget.

Tayrona National Park, Colombia
Jane Sweeney via Getty Images

This lush ecotourism paradise is one big, natural playground.

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