09/06/2020 9:13 PM AEST | Updated 22/07/2020 9:02 PM AEST

Allan Liang Says Big Brother Australia Is 'Survivor In A Shoebox'

"All of the shots on TV make it seem like it was a huge mansion but there was nowhere to hide," said the 2020 housemate.

UPDATE: Chad Hurst wins Big Brother Australia 2020

’Big Brother Australia’s second evictee Allan Liang has opened up about the extremely competitive nature of the televised social experiment, and just how small the house actually is. 

The 31-year-old said the new physically demanding challenges in this season made it feel like competing on “Survivor in a shoebox”. 

“I never really came for the money. I came for the overall experience and I was blindsided because this whole thing was Survivor in a warehouse, well I guess Survivor in a shoebox,” Allan told HuffPost Australia. “It was so bloody small, the house. 

NIGEL WRIGHT via Channel 7
'Big Brother Australia' contestant Allan Liang

“All of the shots on TV make it seem like it was a huge mansion but there was nowhere to hide and because the game has changed that much, they are getting out the strong players.” 

Returning to Australian screens on a new network – Channel 7 – after a six-year hiatus, ‘Big Brother’ has introduced new challenges that test housemates’ physical strength and endurance. 

Many viewers already likened the show’s concept to ‘Survivor’ after watching the first episode on Monday night when Laura Coriakula was evicted

This year’s house took 50 days to build in Sydney, and features 65 cameras, sustainable plantation timber, LED lighting and two living green walls. 

Honestly it was the most crazy experience,” said Allan, and despite it being small, he said it was still “the best house ever”.

“It’s a very updated house [with] new technology and sustainable living. It was the best.” 

NIGEL WRIGHT via Channel 7
The 2020 Big Brother house

Allan was the second to be evicted this year, and “blindsided is not even the word” to describe his shock.

“It’s like I was frozen,” he explained. “I was shocked and it happened so quick, I couldn’t process my thoughts.

“When I came out of the house, everyone was like, ‘How come you were so calm?’ And I said, ’Well I was calm because I thought it was fake, like it didn’t seem real. I thought there was going to be another room you were going to take me into because everyone had lied to me during the day [as] you know, it is a game.′

“Had I known it was actually real, it would’ve been explosions and cyclones.” 

‘Big Brother Australia’ continues at 7:30pm on Channel 7.